Q: How long have you been counseling students in the college admission process?
A: It seems like forever. Having worked in various capacities in independent college preparatory schools for the better part of 40 years, I have been directly or indirectly involved in the process since entering the field of education. As my four children's headmaster, I was very involved in their college search. Most recently, I had the pleasure of directing the college counseling office at Boys' Latin School for 12 years.

Q: What advantages do you offer clients?
A: My vast experience, my intimate knowledge of the "admission game," my close relationships with college admission officers at schools across the country, and the fact that I work with a manageable number of families enable me to provide the personal and professional attention that each family deserves.

Q: Do you advocate for the student?
A: As an independent consultant, I do not usurp the responsibility and privilege of being the student's primary advocate from his or her school guidance/college counselor. However, because of my genuine interest in the student, I will do everything within ethical bounds to represent him or her throughout the journey. The task of writing the official school letter of recommendation remains that of the school counselor. With a family's permission, I will notify the school counselor of my involvement and suggest that we work as a team.

Q: How do you stay current with the various aspects of the college admission process?
A: As a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling, and the Independent Educational Consultants Association, I am privy to the latest developments in college admission. Furthermore, I continue to travel around the country, attending conferences, visiting college campuses, and meeting with friends and colleagues in the profession.

Q: Why do families come to you for assistance?
A: For many reasons! Friends, school counselors, college admission officers, coaches and satisfied clients refer families to me... Some parents have told me that they are feeling "overwhelmed" by the process and want someone with my expertise to guide the process and maintain peace at home. Some families are looking for an edge in this highly competitive, unpredictable process. Other families have indicated that, because of numbers, they are concerned that their child won't receive the individual attention at school that they feel is necessary.

Q: How often do you meet with the student and parents?
A: Over the years I have developed the College Counseling Plus curriculum that covers all aspects of the admission journey. After an introductory meeting with the family, I will generally meet with the student every other week for about an hour. This will vary according to the time of year. I will also meet with parents as needed. For students who do not live locally, I will construct a program that includes consulting via phone calls and e-mails.

Q: What is your goal?
A: My goal is to help students grow in self-knowledge, to navigate purposefully through the maze, to find schools that are right for them - the schools that will do the best job in challenging their abilities, serving their needs, and satisfying their interests - and to help them successfully compete in the college admission process. And I will always pursue this goal with personal integrity and the student's best interests as my guiding principles.
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"As a parent, educator, coach, leader, consultant and motivational speaker, my mission is to energize the human spirit—to help people effectively use more of their abilities, talents and resources in pursuit of worthwhile goals and ideals. Through my college counseling and personal coaching, I look forward to helping you achieve your
educational goals and personal aspirations.”
Richard Webster



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"Our one-on-one interactions have been so few compared to those students in your care; and yet your kindness, sincerity, and friendship have provoked intelligent thought and good follow-through on my part. As only the best teachers, coaches, and mentors know how to do, you've made me a better professional. And I thank you." Varo Duffins,  Associate Dean of Admissions/Financial Aid,
Franklin & Marshall College  

"'Try not to become a man of success,' Einstein wrote. 'Become a man of value.' You, Dick, have done both. Words can't express what you've meant to so many." Julie Bierman, Colleague

"Dick Webster was an outstanding lacrosse player at Johns Hopkins University. It was my good fortune to have been his coach. I have closely followed his career since he graduated and couldn't be more proud of his accomplishments as an educator and coach. But what really puts Dick in a special category is his role as a husband, father and grandfather. He has a truly wonderful family, and in my book, nothing is more important than that." Robert H. Scott, Former Coach and Director of Athletics, Johns Hopkins University

"More important than his credo, 'Be The Best You Can Be,' the lesson I came away with is believing that everything you do can be your best. More of an influence on me than words can begin to express." Kathy March, Johns Hopkins University

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