The choices we make today may well determine the opportunities we have, or fail to have, tomorrow. Nowhere is this truer than in a student's high school preparation for college. Eager to consult freshmen and sophomores in their personal, academic and extracurricular development, while gradually introducing them to the subtleties and expectations of the highly competitive college admission process, Dick Webster quickly earns students' trust and confidence.

"Success is the journey" has enormous application to this process. Success does not rest in the destination, but instead in the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or ideal. This reality is central to Dick Webster's approach to college counseling and to living a purposeful life.

What courses should you take? What activities, both on and off campus, will enrich your personal growth and academic preparation, and eventually make you a more competitive college applicant? What should be your priorities over the summer? As is the case when building a house, or anything for that matter, the foundation is all important. It is Dick Webster's distinct pleasure to consult young men and women whose dreams include a highly successful college education, and he does so with genuine respect for the unique potential that resides in each individual.


This comprehensive college counseling program for juniors and seniors covers all aspects of the college admission process—from a thorough self-assessment to college matriculation. A major part of the program is devoted to the questions and concerns that are central to a successful college admission experience. The benefit of his experience, knowledge and relationships, together with the college counseling curriculum that he has developed over the years, and the personal attention that he devotes to promoting a larger understanding of self (PLUS), provide enormous advantages.

  • Explain and facilitate the college admission process for families
  • Provide the individual attention that each student, and family, deserves in a nurturing but focused environment
  • Reduce the stress that is often associated with the process by acting as an objective but caring third party
  • Help students identify their personal and academic strengths and needs, as well as their “Competitive Edge”
  • Encourage students to deliver excellence – their best
  • Advise students in their course selection and extracurricular participation
  • Counsel student-athletes in the recruiting process
  • Advise students with learning differences
  • Interact with the high school guidance/college counselor to the extent that the family wishes
  • Use the process to teach life-long principles and habits of success – to learn to love the process
  • Keep families aware of admission issues and trends 
  • Identify appropriate schools for the student’s consideration, research and visit – to find schools that fit
  • Recommend appropriate SAT and ACT tests and dates
  • Advise families on financial aid and scholarship matters
  • Review essays, resumes and applications
  • Conduct practice interviews
  • Interact with college admission officers on clients’ behalf when appropriate
  • Help students in the decision making part of the process
  • Prepare students for the transition to college expectations
  • Stay current in the field by visiting colleges and universities across the country, and through my membership in NACAC, PCACAC and IECA
  • PLUS - promote larger understanding of self

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Richard Webster is capable of helping you get where you want to go.

 "Care enough to do your best."


"As a parent, educator, coach, leader, consultant and motivational speaker, my mission is to energize the human spirit—to help people effectively use more of their abilities, talents and resources in pursuit of worthwhile goals and ideals. Through my college counseling and personal coaching, I look forward to helping you achieve your
 educational goals and personal aspirations.”
Richard Webster

Let us help you prepare for the college that you deserve.


"The experiences I had at Navy, the lessons I learned, the people I met, that would never have happened if it was not for you. You are one of the most influential people I have ever met. Along with coach Meade and my father, I credit you three with where I am today. I cannot possibly express how grateful I am to you for your counseling me and guiding me throught the application process, and for introducing me to the idea of going to the Naval Academy. Thank you. I appreciate everything you did for me and all of the guys you helped." ENS Mitchell Hendler, USNA, First Team All-America

“I truly found guidance and learned the value of achievement from Mr. Webster. He pushed us to believe in ourselves and in what we could accomplish. When it came time for college searches and applications, he steered me in the right
direction.” Elliot Steelman, Student, Washington University in St. Louis

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for all that you did for me at Boys’ Latin. Not only were you a great mentor for me when I was in high school, but I can honestly say that I would not have reached my life-long goal of attending the University of Notre Dame without you.”
Patrick Mahoney, Student, University of Notre Dame

"Coach Webster conducted a series of seminars focusing on the concept of  'personal excellence' and very effectively linked excellence on the athletic field to excellence, integrity and the benefits of hard work in the academic realm...The academic average of the lacrosse team improved more than two percentage points. Many of the players attributed the changed attitude to Dick Webster's inspirational presentations." Robert Rau, Ph.D., USNA

“More important than his credo, ‘Be The Best You Can Be,’ the lesson I came away with is believing that everything you do can be your best. More of an influence on me than words can ever begin to express.”  Kathy March, Student, Johns Hopkins University

"I cannot express my thanks to you enough for your assistance throughout my college search. You not only helped me find the right college, but also in discovering the best qualities in myself. You truly ran the extra mile for me. Thank you for believing in me and always encouraging me to go above and beyond my own expectations for myself. I am so lucky and excited to be attending my first choice college." Caitlin Herman, University of Miami

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